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Laser Marking Machine Types and Techniques

If there is one thing you should know about marking products and materials, it would have to be that many people have been practicing it. For many years, people have been manually marking a bunch of stuff that they have. This marking technique is no longer applicable if you go into a business that involves selling products and marking them. Using a marking machine is essential if there are materials that you need to mark with high precision. When it comes to marking machines, laser marking machines are gaining popularity.

Such marking machines make sue of the process of laser marking. To mark or label different materials, a laser beam is utilized. There are different techniques that are utilized with the use of laser marking machines. Some of these techniques include annealing, foaming, engraving, removing, and staining. The the right technique to be used will depend on the material that needs to be marked along with the quality of finish that is needed. Plastics, metals, laminates, and foils are just some of the materials that can benefit from laser marking technique. To be specific, with plastics you have ABS and polycarbonate and with metals, you have bronze, silver, gold, platinum, copper, titanium, and stainless steel.

You have to consider your requirements if you want to know which laser marking machine works well for your needs. If you talk about laser marking machines, a common type that many industries are using is the laser engraving machine. It provides heat the top material surface which is then slowly melted until it evaporates. Removing material with the use of a laser beam is great with this efficient and quick method. Once the material is removed through the laser, you will find a clear impression left. This serves as your marking be it your preferred logo, design, or text.

Laser marking machines also serve their function of laser removing. In laser removing, the laser beam takes charge in removing the uppermost layer of any material. This creates a contrast of color with the varying layers that are present in the material. This technique is mostly preferred for materials made of coated metals, foils, laminates, anodized aluminum, and films.

Among laser marking machines, you also have the staining technique. The creation of a certain kind of chemical reaction is present when the heat is produced from the laser beam. With this technique, you can expect the material to showcase different shades of color. The color shading that you will get in the end will depend on the chemical composition that is present in the material such as plastic. For example, you can expect dark-colored marks to be present on the surface of your material if it is a light-colored plastic material.

Finally, annealing is another technique that you can get with laser marking machines. This technique is commonly used to etch different metals. With the use of a laser beam on the surface of the metal, you can expect that different layers of the metal will undergo a change in color.

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