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Caisson Drilling and its Benefits

The main difference between Caisson drilling from all the other drilling types is that it creates a sturdy structural foundation through boreholes called caissons which are drilled into the ground and are then filled with reinforcing and concrete materials; caissons are also known as drilled piers due to their cylindrical shape. Caisson drilling is a method used in greatly reducing the possibility of vertical movements that may be triggered by soil settling, hence structural damage is avoided as much as possible.

The traditional method involves horizontal, flat, and floating foundations in evenly distributing the weight of the structure above. Uneven settling will cause numerous problems like cracked and leaning foundations and structural elements, which can lead to collapse. In caisson drilling, the weight-bearing concrete columns are able to reach the bedrock, hence a more stable base is created for the structure; apart from the concrete columns, other reinforcements and steel cages are added.

Keep in mind that caisson drilling is not required for every kind of structure; the typical house won’t likely need caissons. But caisson drilling is highly recommended for the structural foundation of taller or larger buildings like high rises in order to improve their longevity, safety, and structural integrity. Below are some of the benefits of caisson drilling;


Of course, the flexibility mentioned here doesn’t mean that the concrete pillars are literally flexible due to the caisson drilling method; foundations of any structure should be solid. They are flexible in terms of the number of situations and structures that caisson drilling can be used in. Overall, the construction procedure can be implemented on almost all worksites. Regardless of where you prefer to build a large structure or high-rise, there won’t be issues in terms of placement.

High Load Capacity

Traditional foundation pads may appear sturdier compared to caissons but it’s quite the opposite in reality. If the weight of the structure is correctly distributed across caisson pillar grids, the structural foundations become stronger in the lateral and axial loads.


Surprisingly, the installation of caissons is actually a lot more affordable compared to laying down huge concrete pad foundations. Besides that, you can skip the pile caps since caissons already have concrete fillings. It’s actually the economical choice that can greatly add to the savings of construction projects.

All in all, the only setback of caisson drilling procedures is finding a skilled construction company that specializes in this method. Only a handful of construction firms are experienced in caisson drilling, so it’s crucial to find professionals with incredible proficiency.

Construction Projects that are Ideal for Caisson Drilling

If you think about it, all construction projects that involve tall or large structures should seriously consider the advantages of caisson drilling instead of the traditional foundation; take note that caisson drilling is not exclusive for skyscrapers and bridges. Before assuming that caisson drilling is not at all ideal for your project, it won’t hurt to seek the advice of a company that has credentials and experience with the procedure. After taking into account the opinions of experts, then you can make informed decisions for the project.

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